21 Jul 2017

Christian Flake Lorenz wrote a second book: "Heute hat die Welt Geburtstag". It will be released on October 5, 2017 and published by S. Fischer Verlage. Given the summary provided by the editor, we understand that Flake talks about his musical career before Rammstein:

It is 4 o'clock. A man sits silently in a room without a window and listens to the crackling of a neon tube. The man is sitting there voluntarily, he is in a good mood. In four hours, he will be on stage with a band like Die Ärzte, Die Toten Hosen or so on the stage and play in front of a real audience, just as he has imagined it as a child. For all that was, his imagination was not enough. Some things you do not believe until you have experienced them. Some do not.

"Heute hat die Welt Geburtstag" is available on the RammsteinShop (368 pages, 21cm x 13cm Hardcover)

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