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Hello everybody.

And sorry for my English at first. It is not so well ).

I want to briefly tell one unpleasant story that happened to me. I didn't want to write about it, as I am ashamed of what happened to this. But I think it's still worth sharing with the rest of the fans. Perhaps this will help someone not to be a victim of a scammer, as happened to me. Be careful!
A couple of months ago, a man under the name of Till Lindemann subscribed to my Instagram page  (The page he created was a copy of the official page.). I then thought that it was one of the fans who created the next page on which he would post photos. And so  I signed in response. A few hours later I received a message in German. The man thanked for the support in his work. Pretend to be Till. The support he talked about is comments and likes on Till's official page. Then of course I did not believe that it was him. So I wrote to him about it, but he continued to insist on his own. I did not believe him for a long time. I asked him for what create pages and write for someone on behalf of Till. He told me that he simply wanted to please one of the fans with his communication. And so for several weeks he came into my trust. I note that he is patient and did it really long and carefully. In the end, I believed. There was nothing suspicious in communication.  Once he wrote to me about charity. He said that for him most important for him to support children from Nigeria. And sometime he asked if I wanted to do charity too. Of course, I said yes. And in the end, I sent money to Nigeria through an international transfer. Then I thought that I was great, helped poor children. And a few days later a specific divorce began. 
He invented a story about a divorce from his secret wife. The fact that his accounts are blocked, and he needs to pay for the services of a lawyer and something else before the trial (I didn’t translate normally then). The accounts with his secret wife are shared, so she made sure that he did not have access to them :). Well, in the end, he asked me to transfer the money to his “lawyer”. The amount he wanted was 3,000 euros. When he began to tell his story, it finally dawned on me that he had deceived me also with children.
I didn’t stop communicate with him because I hoped that he could be caught and condemned. I took time, pretended to take a loan and in the end I asked him to send an invoice to which I need to transfer. He gave it to me. It was an account in Berlin. But the name is clearly not European. I went to the police, but then started quarantine. And the first thing what asked me in police was: about pandemic I came or not. I told a story, in the end they gave me an e-mail where I must to write. I wrote. But there is still no answer. I was also asked by the police how much I sent. And I think since the amount lost is not significant, no one in the police wants to do it.
I decided to write about it in all official sources related to the name of Till, of which I know. I thought maybe they could do something there and thought it was important to prevent. But nowhere is anyone answering anything. So I decided that it was worthwhile to warn the fans somehow on their own.
Now I do not correspond with this person, although I renewed communication in order to keep him in the hope that something can be done with him. But in the end, I'm just tired of all this. I have screenshots of correspondence, chat archive (as a result, communication continued in google hangouts).
And also the chat is not blocked yet. He wrote something a couple of weeks ago, but I do not read.
Hope this story helps you not stumble on scammers.
Be careful and take care of yourself, especially at such a time.

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Cette tentative d' arnaque est fréquente, on voit ça dans les spam mails qu' on reçoit. Mais je n' avais jamais vu cette arnaque sous cette forme-là... Destinée spécialement aux fans d' une célébrité, et sur Instagram. Cet arnaqueur lèse non seulement sa victime, mais aussi Till, en utilisant son nom.


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