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English translations erwünscht?

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On 2/22/2023 at 11:34 PM, LudicrousC said:


which reminds me of a classic from 1994 with very profound texts on the concept of eternity :D




I'll round the bunch up from the last three songs and put it in .txt files for Pierrick. Maybe I'll ask you to take a last look at it, this has left my memory some time ago to make room for new stuff ^_^

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@Lies @LudicrousC Your translations are on the website, as well as all those of Jeremy Williams that I had not yet put on. Big thanks to you

Wiener Blut - done Pussy - done Liebe ist für alle da - done Mehr - done Roter Sand - done Führe mich - done Donaukinder - done Halt - done Roter Sand (Orchester Version)  Liese -

@Pierrick   Nice to hear that you are doing fine from that perspective 😊. I was already thinking what would be a nice amount to donate, thinking 234. but now I keep my 234 in my left breas

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