Single Feuer frei!

Single Feuer frei!

Oct 14, 2002

  1. 1. Feuer frei! 3:08
  2. 2. Feuer frei!
    Rammstein vs. Junkie XL Remix
  3. 3. Feuer frei!
    Rammstein Remix 130
  4. 4. Feuer frei!
    Rammstein Remix 95
  5. 5. Du hast
    "A tribute to Rammstein" Cover Version by Battery
  6. 6. Bück dich
    "A tribute to Rammstein" Cover Version by Battery

Credits and copyright

Music & lyrics by Rammstein: Christoph "Doom" Schneider, Doktor Christian Lorenz, Till Lindemann, Paul Landers, Richard Z. Kruspe, Oliver Riedel
Produced by Jacob Hellner with Rammstein
Track 2 remixed by Junkie XL
Tracks 3 + 4 remixed by Rammstein
Tracks 5 + 6 Cover Versions by Battery "A Tribute to Rammstein", Produced by Milos Dodo Dolezal.
Originals on the album "Sehnsucht"
Illustration by Robert Longo
Photography by Frank-Lothar Lange
Sleeve design by Dirk Rudolph
All songs published by edition Rammstein (GEMA). All rights for the world O/B/O edition Rammstein controlled by musik-edition discoton GmbH (GEMA).
All rights for the US O/B/O Musik-Edition Discoton admin. by BMG songs, Inc. (ASCAP).
(P) 2001 Motor Music, Berlin
(C) 2002 Motor Music, Berlin
Contact: Pilgrim Management, Postfach 540 101, 10042 Berlin, Germany

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