21 May 2023

The Europe Stadium Tour 2023 starts tomorrow night in Vilnius! It's a tradition: before each tour starts, our "travel journal" is put online. This page allows you to follow the tour date by date, with information, setlists and photos.

We will also post a reminder on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) a few hours before each concert with the essential information. Don't hesitate to follow us!

20 May 2023

Rammstein just ended their rehearsal concert in Vilnius, in front of a few hundred fans. We were lucky enough to be there to see the 2023 version of the Europe Stadium Tour.

In order not to spoil the surprise for anyone, we have hidden the setlist and you have to click on the button below to see it.

  1. Music for the Royal Fireworks
  2. 1.
  3. 2.
    Links 2-3-4
  4. 3.
    Bestrafe mich
  5. 4.
  6. 5.
  7. 6.
    Mein Herz brennt
  8. 7.
  9. 8.
  10. 9.
    Deutschland (RMX by Richard Z. Kruspe)
  11. 10.
  12. 11.
  13. 12.
    Mein Teil
  14. 13.
    Du hast
  15. 14.

  1. 15.
    Ohne dich
    Piano version
    avec Abélard
  2. 16.
    Scala & Kolacny Brothers version
    avec Abélard
  3. 17.
  4. 18.
    Du riechst so gut
  5. 19.

  1. 20.
  2. 21.
    Ich will
  3. 22.
  4. Sonne
    Piano Version
  5. Haifisch
    Haiswing RMX by Olsen Involtini

17 May 2023

Abélard will release an album "Rammstein on Piano" on 9 June. The French piano duo Héloïse Hervouët and Emilie Aridon-Kociolek have signed with Decca Records, a label of Universal Music. They will be supporting Rammstein on their Europe Stadium tour 2023.

The album is already up for pre-order on Amazon and FNAC and will contain no less than 16 tracks! A first single will be released this Friday 19 May.

  1. Rammlied
  2. Mein Herz brennt
  3. Deutschland
  4. Mutter
  5. Zeit
  6. Engel
  7. Diamant
  8. Sonne
  9. Du hast
  10. Klavier
  11. Du riechst so gut
  12. Amour
  13. Seemann
  14. Frühling in Paris
  15. Meine Tränen
  16. Ohne dich

17 May 2023

After their books on Yukon and the Amazon, Till Lindemann and Joey Kelly will be releasing a third book entitled "Der Rhein: Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still". The two friends will take us on a journey along Germany's largest river.

The book contains 240 pages with poems by Till, an interview and photos by Thomas Stachelhaus. It will be released on 27 October 2023 and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

12 May 2023

Rammstein has released the single "Du hast / Spiel mit mir (2023 Mix)" on all streaming platforms. On Apple Music it's a bit different: the single is not referenced, but both songs can be found on the album "Sehnsucht (Anniversary Edition)".

The physical edition of the single will be released on May 17th. It is available for pre-order on the RammsteinShop.

The single features two songs: A remaster of Du hast and a 2023 version of Spiel mit mir with a new mix, which will also be present on the anniversary edition of Sehnsucht.

12 May 2023

The legendary video "Du hast" has been remastered in 4k from the original film rolls! Available on YouTube (make sure you select 4K quality :

10 May 2023

Rammstein announced on the official LIFAD forum that there will be no Meet&Greet during the Europe Stadium tour 2023. Meet&Greet are meetings organised between fans and the band before the concerts.

However, people who are visually impaired or blind will again be able to visit the stage before the concert. If you are visually impaired, please send community@rammstein-management.de proof of your visual impairment and a copy of your concert ticket.

06 May 2023

Due to the large number of people who won a ticket for the rehearsals but can’t make it to Vilnius, Rammstein will hold a second draw on May 9!

That’s why winners are invited to redeem their tickets before May 8 at 23:59 CET. Unredeemed tickets will be invalidated on May 9. If you have already your ticket, but can't make it to Vilnius, please send an e-mail to info@bilietai.It before May 9. This will offer a ticket to another fan!

02 May 2023

As we reported in 2018, Rammstein had obtained that the platform Viagogo could no longer resell its tickets. On 2 May 2023, the Hamburg District Court announced that the same would apply to StubHub. The platform was also fined 15,000 euros..

The news was announced via a press release from MCT, the promoter of Rammstein's European tours.

StubHub and Viagogo are unofficial ticket resale platforms. The court accused them of taking advantage of the hype surrounding Rammstein concerts to cheat consumers. The tickets were often resold at a very high price and the visitor was not clearly informed that he was not buying a ticket directly from the organiser. Worse, there was a possibility that the tickets were falsified.

This is an opportunity for us to remind you once again: you should never order tickets on other platforms than the ones indicated on official websites.

24 Apr 2023

Rammstein has just sent an email to the members of the official LIFAD fanclub announcing a dress rehearsal concert on 20 May, in Vilnius, Lithuania, where the tour will begin two days later. The concert is reserved for fanclub members: the email explains them how to enter a lottery to win two tickets.

The Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2023 starts in a few weeks! The band would like to exclusively invite members of LIFAD to attend their dress rehearsal in Vilnius!

On May 20, 2023, Rammstein will present their stadium show to a selected audience!

Winners will be selected starting on April 27, 2023 using a random number generator and will receive a notification via e-mail afterwards.

Only the winners of the personalized tickets themselves and one accompanying person are entitled access. The accompanying person will only be admitted to the event if they are with the winning person. Winners must have an active LIFAD membership at the time of the event.

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