Single Ich will

Single Ich will

Sep 10, 2001

  1. 1. Ich will 3:37
  2. 2. Ich will
  3. 3. Ich will
    Westbam Mix
  4. 4. Ich will
    Paul Van Dyk Mix
  5. 5. Pet Sematary 6:31
  6. 6. Ich will
    Live CD-R Track

Credits and copyright

Music & lyrics by Rammstein: Christoph "Doom" Schneider, Doktor Christian Lorenz, Till Lindemann, Paul Landers, Richard Z. Kruspe, Oliver Riedel

Produced by Jacob Hellner with Rammstein
Mixed by Stefan Glaumann at MVG Studio Stockholm, Sweden
Recorded at Studio Miraval, France
Engineered by Ulf Kruckenberg
Logic & Protools programming by Florian Ammon
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk Corporation, New York
Track 3 remixed by Westbam and Klaus Jankuhn at Low Spirit Studios Berlin
Track 4 remixed by Paul van Dyk
Track 5 performed by Rammstein & Clawfinger; music and lyrics by Dede Ramone and Daniel Rey, Neue Welt Verlag GmbH
Track 3 mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm, Sweden
Track 4 & 5 remixed by Westbam and Klaus Jankuhn at Low Spirit Studios, Berlin
Samples "Halleluja" courtesy of Spectrasonics "Symphony of Voices"
Photography by
Sleeve design by Dirk Rudolph and Formgeber
Contact: Pilgrim Management, Postfach 540 101, 10042 Berlin, Germany
Rammstein on the net: /
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