07 Jul 2017

In parallel with the festivals summer tour, Rammstein (mostly Paul and Richard) give interviews. Here are some information from various sources:
  • Some members of the band (including Paul) would like to work 100% on the album at the moment, others prefer to take live breaks. That's why the 2017 tour is short, they try to please everyone;
  • After the tour, the band will be on vacation until the end of August and will resume work on the album at the beginning of September;
  • The mood is excellent within Rammstein. The working sessions are as relaxed as those of Herzeleid and Sehnsucht eras;
  • Ramm-4 will be on the album. The lyrics will keep the same structure but will be slightly modified;
  • The band currently has 25 songs with music and lyrics. However, they will NOT make a double album. The songs will be improved, some will be merged, other abandoned, until they have an album with classic length;
  • Till announces that two verses among the 25 songs are present in his book "In stillen Nächten";
  • Paul emphasizes that the next album will be a 100% Rammstein album with heavy guitars. He does not like the bands that radically change they music (he gives Linkin Park as an example).

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