13 Dec 2011

The Made In Germany 1995-2011 Super Deluxe Edition may contains defects (list below). Universal Music is therefore offering anyone who purchased a defective Super Deluxe Edition the opportunity to exchange any faulty components, postage free.

Anyone wishing to avail of this offer should please send an email, specifying the defect, to the following address: rammsteinbox@universal-music.de or call the following number: +49 30 52007 2355 (10am - 6pm CET). According to Universal, you will immediately receive further information on the processing of the exchange. The exchange may take several weeks. Please notify your defects to Universal as soon as possible, as Universal has only agreed to take the items back until March 15th 2012.

Here is a list of the defects:
  1. Some CDs and DVDs were incorrectly sorted, leading to duplication of and/or missing DVD/CDs.
  2. The inner edges of the box may be too sharp.
  3. Marks and/or printing errors on the box packaging and the metal slipcase may be present.
  4. The cloths may stained when the box is received.
  5. The book is not easy to open and does not lets the photos flow into each other cleanly.

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