Christian "Flake" Lorenz's equipment

Christian Lorenz's equipment

Current keyboards (studio & live)

Roland VR-760

Roland VR-760
First-of-its-kind performance instrument combining top-quality organ, piano and synthesizer sounds with a 76-note waterfall keyboard
Fully polyphonic organ sounds; 128-voice polyphony for piano and synth sounds
Organ section based on the "Virtual ToneWheel" sounds of the VK-Series with COSM Amp and Rotary Speaker Modeling
Piano section features amazing new electric pianos with COSM Amp Modeling
Piano section also features stereo-sampled acoustic pianos from the legendary FP- and RD-Series with COSM Mic Modeling
Synthesizer section includes 6 Tone categories with 3 variations each, plus intuitive sound editing knobs
Expandable via two optional SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards
Light-sensing D Beam with multi-colored LED for expressive realtime control
Active Expression for ultra-expressive performance w/ optional EV-7 Expression Pedal
V-LINK feature for synchronizing video clips in live performance

Ensoniq ASR-10

Roland VR-760


Flake's keyboards in live

In concert, "Flake" plays on two keyboards that he uses in studio too, positioned one in front of the other. The biggest is the Roland VR-760, (on his right when you look from the crowd), and the smallest is the Ensoniq ASR-10. Both are painted in gray so that they fit into the stage.

The portable keyboard that Flake uses is an Alesis QX49.

Software synthesizers

  • Absynth from Native Instruments
  • Massive from Native Instruments
  • FM8 from Native Instruments


"Flake" uses a variety of libraries of samples and presets for his software synthesizers. Among them:

  • "Symphony of Voices" sample library from Spectrasonics
  • "Absynth Beach" preset on Absynth from Native Instruments
  • "DXologie" preset on Massive from Native Instruments
  • "Telepath" preset on FM8 from Native Instruments

Old keyboards

You can click on the links to see the keyboards without leaving the page.

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