Paul Landers' equipment

Paul Landers's equipment

Guitars (studio & live)

Gibson Les Paul custom

During the Reise, Reise tour, Paul used a Gibson Les Paul Studio. Paul left this guitar but keeps a black Gibson Les Paul that he customized. He removed the pickguard, added a white edging and kept only one volume knob. This guitar is used in standard tuning, drop C or drop D. This is the most used guitar on the LIFAD tour.

Gibson Les Paul Custom

ESP Eclipse I CTM PL Paul Landers

Paul Landers has two ESP signatures guitars. A black one with white edging that he already used during the Reise, Reise tour, and a silver with black edging, new.

ESP Eclipse I CTM Paul Landers Black ESP Eclipse I CTM Paul Landers Silver
Construction TypeSolid body
Neck constructionSet in neck
Frets22 Xtra-Jumbo
Scale Length24,75" / 62,9cm
Fret boardEbony
Fretboard InlaysFlag inlays
PickupH-H, 2x Humbucker
Pickup NeckEMG 60
Pickup BridgeEMG 81
Pick up selecter3-way toggle
Controls2x volume, 2x tone
BridgeTune-O-Matic Gotoh
HardwareGotoh auto-block in chrome

Live equipment

Paul uses a Shure 520DX Green Bullet microphone, mounted on a spring that switches off with the foot.

Shure 520DX Green Bullet

Studio equipment

Paul does not communicate on his gear. However, here a list of equipment he uses or has used in the past.

Equipment typeBrand
Amp headsBogner Uberschall
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers
Engl Powerball Amplifier
Rath-Amp Amplification
Pre-ampTech 21 SansAmp PSA-1
Power ampMesa Boogie Strategy 500 Power Amp
SpeakersMarshall Amplification 4x12 Cabinets
Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabinet
Engl 4x12 Cabinets

Paul uses the Guitar Rig software to record demos or riffs ideas:

Old equipment

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