25 May 2019

In Germany, this is the best start of an album this millennium with 260 000 copies (pure sales + equivalent streaming) sold in one week. The new album is Rammstein's tenth album (including compilations and live) to be #1 on the charts. The 11 songs on the album are in the Top 100; Deutschland (9th), Zeig dich (13th) and Ausländer (16th) are the best placed.

In France, Rammstein is first of the Top Albums for the first time, with more than 25,000 copies in pure sales (physical purchase + digital purchase, but without streaming). If we add streaming to pure sales, Rammstein is also first in this country.

It should be noted that in both countries, the release of the new album is beneficial to old albums (often promoted by record stores for the occasion). In Germany, 8 Rammstein albums are in the Top 100; Rammstein: Paris (12th) and LIFAD (19th) are the best placed.

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