08 Oct 2022

The three Mexico City shows in early October concluded Rammstein's 2022 North America tour. Here are the takeaways from these special shows, which should be featured on the band's next live release:

  • The concerts were held entirely at night (starting at 8:30 pm local time);
  • There were 2 extra turrets in the pit (6 in total), with flamethrowers on top;
  • Additional lights were installed to illuminate the pit (similar to Bercy in 2012) and the lights around the stadium were used;
  • The concert was filmed with additional cameras compared to the usual concerts. There was a crane, cameras on rails in front of the stage, cameramen on the stage, etc;
  • Te quiero puta! was added last after the usual setlist, bringing the total number of songs to 23.

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