31 Mar 2024

Rammstein has teamed up with Apple and its "Apple Vision Pro" mixed reality headset to offer fans an incredible experience!

Each concert on the Europe Stadium Tour 2024 will be filmed with six 3D cameras: two in the pit, two in the stands and two on stage. With a subscription fee to be announced at a later date, Vision Pro owners will be able to experience the concerts of their choice live, taking advantage of the unique video and audio immersion offered by the headset.

Overlay windows will display song titles and lyrics in real time, as well as information on the effects used. Fans will even be able to pair a mini-radiator via Bluetooth, soon to be on sale on the official store, to feel the heat of the flames.

Apple's headset should be available in Europe by summer. The experience will also be compatible with the main competing headsets on the market.

Update: this was of course our traditional April fool's joke ☺️

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