07 Nov 2011

The first concert of the Made In Germany tour is now over! The band played 20 songs:

Sonne ; Amerika ; Keine Lust ; Sehnsucht ; Asche zu Asche ; Feuer frei! ; Mutter ; Mein Teil ; Du riechst so gut ; Links 2-3-4 ; Du hast ; Haifisch ; Bück dich ; Mann gegen Mann ; Pussy ; Mein Herz brennt ; Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? ; Ohne dich ; Engel ; Ich will

A second smaller adjustable stage, on which the band plays Bück dich, Mann gegen Mann and half of Pussy, stands in the middle of the audience. When Rammstein needs to go back onto the main stage, they walk over a bridge hung from the ceiling of the venue on suspension cables that draw the bridge back up when necessary.

Bonus info: Till changed his haircut and costume!

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