22 Mar 2012

Welcome to our live coverage of the Echo Awards 2012! We will add in this thread the events related to Rammstein, as the ceremony goes on. Just refresh the page regularly.

Rammstein is nominated in four categories: "Best artist rock/alternative", "German artist who sells best overseas", "Best live", "Best German video". Rammstein will also join Marilyn Manson on stage to perform his title The Beautiful People.

7:55pm GMT: Rammstein just won "German artist who sells best overseas" prize. Richard and Flake went on stage to get the trophy and say a few words.

7:58pm GMT: Rammstein lost the "Best German video" prize. 23 of Bushido & Sido won it.

8:08pm GMT: Marilyn Manson on stage for the "Best artist rock/alternative"!

8:11pm GMT: Rammstein wins the prize. Paul and Christoph on stage!

9:32pm GMT: Rammstein (without Till) with Marilyn Manson to play The beautiful People!

9:50pm GMT : End of ceremony. Of the four categories in which Rammstein was nominated, three results were given live (two wins, one loss) and one has not yet been announced ("Best live").

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