01 Apr 2017

Rammstein wanted to keep an exclusive edition of "Rammstein: Paris" for the French market. Please welcome the "Eiffel Toy Edition".

In line with the LIFAD Deluxe Box, this 2.69-kilo aliminium case is laser engraved with the artwork of "Rammstein: Paris". In addition to the "Metal Fan Edition" digipack of "Rammstein: Paris" (Blu-Ray + 2 CDs), the case will contain for your pleasure three sextoys created exclusively for Rammstein. They will be Eiffel Tower-shaped and in colors of the French flag.

"Rammstein: Paris, Eiffel Toy Edition" will be available on May 19, 2017, for 149 euros. Pre-orders available soon!

Click to see the full sized artwork:
Rammstein: Paris Eiffel Toy Edition

April 2nd update: This news was of course an April fool!

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