06 Feb 2021

In an interview with Motor.de, Flake said that the lockdown, although it deprived Rammstein of a tour, had a positive effect on the band:

By not being able to perform live, our creativity increased. We had more time to think of new things and less distractions. As a result, we made a record that we hadn't planned.

Even though we know that Rammstein already had their eighth album in the corner of their head, the COVID-19 crisis probably accelerated its recording. Flake also discussed the band's sources of inspiration:

Our themes are generally taken from daily life and world events, and there's always something happening. Our theme is basically the craziness of people, and it's not much different in Corona times than in normal times. Donald Trump was very present last year, you could take a lot of traits from that and from people in general, how they behaved in the lockdown. So the sources of inspiration are actually always there. Most of the things you deal with happen in your own head anyway. Only small impulses come from outside, and enough comes through when the streets are only half as full.

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