10 Jun 2022

Severin Tremel, a fan who attended one of the two Meet&Greet events in Berlin, had the chance to speak with Paul. Here's what he reports from his discussion with the guitarist (to be taken with a grain of salt, of course):

  • The band wondered if they were going to put Ramm 4 (the song played as an intro to the 2016/2017 shows) on the Zeit album but in the end they didn't;
  • There is a big documentary in preparation about the history of Rammstein, in 4 parts, which will be streamed online. Ramm 4 should be released at the same time (editor's note: the lyrics are a patchwork of old songs and therefore fit well with a documentary on the history of the band);
  • The band is getting along great, they never thought of stopping. The songs on the Zeit album are based on past experiences and losses of people close to the band, including Adieu, which is not about the end of Rammstein.

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